ExpoPharma strives to be the go to team for the design, development, fabrication and commissioning of manufacturing equipment interfaces for process based analytical sensors.


To use the 60 plus years of experience to help customers arrive at an optimum installation using the minimum time and resources.

Reduce the cost of process based analytical projects. By:-
Supporting the development of instrument and engineering strategies.
Provide informed spectroscopic, chemometric and engineer support to companies integrating sensors into their manufacturing processes.
To advise on aspects of hazardous area certification of probes and devices for all areas of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing
To support the qualification and initial commissioning of interfaces and associated sensors to GMP.
Support data analysis and model development during the commissioning.


  • Process based Spectroscopy and Chemometrics
    – 60+ years of experience Steve Hammond and Phil Doherty both ex Pfizer
  • Custom Precision Engineering Design and Fabrication
  • Hazardous area equipment specialists
    – Vic Griffiths 30 years experience
  • Global cGMP compliance
    – GAMP5 Lifecycle Management – ISO 9001
  • Hazardous Areas Consultancy – certification to meet International and US standards (IECEx, ATEX, NFPA 496)
  • Pneumatic systems design and engineering – Motors, actuators, generators


  • Probes can rarely be inserted into a process “naked”.
  • Most In-line applications of PAT require the engineering of a probe interface, for the optimum collection of spectral data.
  • The effective sampling of the process, the amount of material needed to gain the best quality spectra, the need to “clean” the probe window between acquisition points, to ensure representative sampling, are often not understood, or taken into account when a PAT application begins.
  • The high investment in spectrometers and probes is often wasted because the interface of the probe to the process is not optimized.

ExpoPharma is a division of Expo Technologies, a company that has been serving the pharmaceutical industry since 1976. Headquartered in the UK near Heathrow airport Expo is an engineering company that specializes in custom and complex solutions. With offices in three continents, Expo Technologies is well placed to provide global coverage and support for our customers.

ExpoPharma are fully committed to delivering cGMP quality & safe engineering solutions and are certified in the following standards:
ISO 9001
Kosha safety

ExpoPharma provide cost effective engineered project based process analysis solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry globally.

ExpoPharma deliver:

  • Engineering Research & Development
  • Engineering Design Consultancy
  • PAT Application Development & Implementation
  • System Testing & Certifications
  • cGMP Product Development
  • Engineering Solutions
  • Analyser Sample Interface Design and Development
  • “Off-the-shelf” PAT Products available

By providing these solutions as a service to industry ExpoPharma can help the pharma industry realise, in a cost-effective way, implementation of modern and innovative quality and process control solutions without the need to develop the expertise in house or to pay for the resource full time
ExpoPharma possesses the correct mix of skills and experience to successfully develop & deliver quality certified equipment suitable for use within the Pharmaceutical sector.

With over 40 years of experience serving the pharmaceutical industry ExpoPharma is uniquely positioned to provide tailored solutions to meet our customer’s engineering needs.