An adventure in sampling…

We take a look at Pfizers Continuous Rig, the invention of a spider wheel interface, PAT interface for Continuous Mixing, diffuse reflection, optic probe interface – Sampling, powder “micro-mixing” characterization, sub dividing a tablet, development and refinement of the inline spider wheel, “Snow plough” wiper for side illumination probe from Sentronic, feeding, primary mixing and NIR, continuous mixing dynamic characterization, GEA Consigma Twin Screw Wet Granulator, NIR at Twin Screw Wet Granulator Outlet, Milled granule spoon-wiper probe holder, Probe Spoon / Wiper device in Action, Data from milled granule runs, Wiper of an Expo interface removing toothpaste from a probe window, the spinning cone probe stream and our development tools.

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