Spectrum Dual Port Rado Probe Holder

The Spectrum Dual Port RADO Probe Holder is designed to simultaneously integrate any
two standard NIR, UV, Raman and Particle size analyser probes at adjustable depth into your process vessel or stream by means of a standard 2” Hygiene Tri Clamp process equipment port. The device is designed to allow simultaneous reliable sampling of fresh material from product being processed, by wiping both windows of the probes in the holder, such such that a good PAT measurements may be made on a fresh sample in front of the two windows. The Spectrum Dual Port RADO is designed to wipe away the sample already scanned whilst simultaneously wiping the face of the PAT probes so as to ensure no residue from the previous sample remains in the collection window of either probe.

The probe holder is heated to reduce the possibility of material sticking to probe window or the either device. The holder is constructed from fully traceable and certified FDA approved materials of construction. Air actuation of the device allows safe use of the Spectrum Probe Holder in ATEX Zone 21/22 process environments.


  • Contact materials: 316L stainless Steel, highly polished
  • Pressure rating: 10Bar max.
  • Diameter range of probes that can be accommodated 12- 32mm
  • Probe lengths between 200 – 300mm can be accommodated
  • The holder has internal heating in the range ambient to 80 degrees C


  • The wiper is used for removing sticky material form probe windows, in wet granulation processes for example
  • Ensuring probe windows are cleaned between sample acquisitions in solutions contained in a vessel
  • Crystals forming on an FBRM paired with a NIR or Raman probe window during a crystallization process