Spectrum Gyra Spinning Disk Fbrm Interface

The Spectrum Gyra Spinning Disc interface is designed to provide an optimum particle feed to an FBRM probe inserted into a powder stream. FBRM probes measure the size of an individual particle by bouncing a laser beam off each particle as they pass by the probe window. To work in an optimum way, the probe needs to have a constant stream of well dispersed particles making contact with the probe window and moving across the active scanning area of the probe. If the dispersion or flow of the particles is variable the measurements by an FBRM probe are not so discriminating.

The spinning disc has a cone shaped centre that disperses the powder outwards onto the disc surface, so that the motion of the spinning disc can direct a stream of moving particles onto the FBRM probe window.

Contact materials: 316L stainless Steel, highly polished.


  • Parameters that can be varied include
  • Disc diameter to fit a variety of pipes or chutes
  • Disc rotation speed
  • Distance from disc edge to probe
  • Powder flow rate


  • Effective insertion of FBRM probes into flowing powders
  • Outlet of mills, granules, pure materials, API
  • Outlet of granulators or dryers