Spectrum Mini Feedframe

The Spectrum Mini Feedframe simulates the spectroscopic environment of a tablet press Feedframe. The structure of the device is a generic version of several of the common designs of a Feedframe. The body of the mini Feedframe consists of a shallow circular metal container, in which a rotating spider wheel sweeps the bottom of the bottom surface. Spectroscopic probes can be inserted through the lid of the body and positioned over the fingers of the rotating spider wheel.

There is an inlet port in the lid of the body, and an outlet at the bottom of the body, so flow through conditions can be simulated, and mimic the environment of a tablet press.

The spider wheel is a swappable part, and various designs can be inserted into the mini Feedframe. Such as fingers with notches cut under the path of the probe as the powder rotates. Curved fingers, straight fingers, or fingers of different height can be tested, and probe performance optimized for the formulation of interest.

The volume of the Feedframe is minimized, to minimize the amount of material needed for each experiment.


  • Spider wheel speed adjustable between 5 and 50 rpm.
  •  Contact materials: 316L stainless Steel, highly polished
  • Diameter range of probes that can be accommodated 12- 32mm
  • Probe lengths between 200 – 300mm can be accommodated


  • The mini Feedframe can be used to simulate spectroscopic performance without involving GMP equipment
  • Possible Variables are rotation speed, finger size and shape, through-put
  • The mini Feedframe is contained in a dust extraction enclosure