Spectrum Multi Probe Chute System

The Spectrum Multi Probe Chute is designed to provide an optimum interfaces for several sensors, so that they can in a serial sequence collect high quality data on the same process stream passing down the chute. In this example, a particle size camera system, followed by a Raman Phat probe and finally a NIR probe. The design avoids the illumination of one sensor interfering with another.

Each probe has its own interface built into the chute, so that the data collected is optimized, in terms of powder material covering the probe uniformly, and after each acquisition, a device sweeps away the sample, and places new powder over the probe, thus ensuring representative sampling of the powder stream.

Contact materials: 316L stainless Steel, highly polished.


  • Parameters that can be varied include
  • Powder flow rate down the chute
  • Rotation or flipping of each sample interface
  • Chute can be heated


  • Effective insertion of multiple probes into flowing powders
  • Outlet of mills, granules, pure materials, API
  • Outlet of granulators or dryers