Spectrum Rotating Blender Mounted Spectrometer

The Spectrum Rotating Spectrometer system is engineered to place a spectrometer onto a rotating bin blender. A sapphire window in inserted into one corner of the bin top. When the bin is inverted, the powder presses against the sapphire window. NIR spectrometer with large scanning area head collects a spectrum of the powder inside the blender through the window. Every time the bin rotates a gravity switch activates the spectrometer to take a spectrum at the point when the bin is inverted.

The spectrometer communicates with a nearby plant hardened computer using a wireless signal. The spectrometer is powered using long life batteries.

The device is constructed from fully traceable and certified FDA approved materials of construction. Air actuation of the device allows safe use of the Spectrum Probe Holder in ATEX.


  • Zone 21/22 process environments
  • Contact materials: 316L stainless Steel, highly polished
  • Pressure rating: 10Bar max.
  • Diameter range of probes that can be accommodated 30 – 70mm
  • Probe lengths between 200 – 300mm can be accommodated


  • This system can be mounted on any pilot or commercial scale bin blender or “V” blender
  • The system has been mounted on fluid be dryers, utilizing the window in the bowl, or just above the bowl