Spectrum Spider Wheel – Bench Top Model

The Spectrum Spider wheel – bench top model is designed to provide a laboratory version of the spider wheel that enables development and testing of applications of the spider wheel interface, away from a manufacturing area. The same integration standard NIR, UV, Raman and Particle size analyser probes into moving powder streams, created in a laboratory environment.


  • Powder inlet and outlet ports for flow through experiments
  • Contact materials: 316L stainless Steel, highly polished
  • Diameter range of probes that can be accommodated 12- 32mm
  • Probe lengths between 200 – 300mm can be accommodated
  • The spider wheel base can have has internal heating in the range ambient to 80 degrees C
  • Device can be supplied ATEX rated
  • Optional mounting frame with dust containment enclosure


  • Proof of concept of the spider wheel approach
  • Calibration of the spectrometer, and model development outside of a manufacturing environment